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wildstar Platinum Beijing News June 14, Brazil World Cup group match played Spain and Netherlands war as runner-up of the last World Cup, the game naturally http://www.gamesgold.net/ attracted great attention, and FIFA President Joseph Blatter, sitting in court in the box above, and even the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant arrived on the scene. This game also, all of us are shocked, defending champion Spain to 1-5 defeat, was staged by the Oranje a perfect revenge of the 2010 South Africa World Cup final, Andres Iniesta scored a goal in the 116th minute to help Spain with a 1-0 win over Netherlands, win the World Cup for the first time in history. And in this World Cup Shang, Spain and Netherlands with points in b group, so they of confrontation natural attract has world fans of concern, FIFA President Blatter in a rod people of accompanied Xia sat in box in, and also in sidelined stage of Lakers star Bryant also came to site, saw he with black sunglasses, and wearing white t, sat in a heap Netherlands fans among Bryant and football has bond, he of children era is in Italy grew up, childhood of first hobby natural is football, when Dang had goalkeeper also kicked had midfielder, And has been a fan of AC Milan, the rossoneri. In the Lakers ' locker room, Bryant hung a ACMilan's shirt, and even into Italy for Achilles tendon rehabilitation, he will also visit his favorite football team. Although in basketball field Shang made has huge of success, but Bryant has been carries with a football of dream worth a mention of is, when watch Germany World Cup of when, Bryant on full exposed has himself on football of mania, in see United States team was eliminated out zhihou (United States team overtime 1 2 negative Yu Ghana team, missed entered eight strong), he even angrily of said: "if to I, and McGrady and LeBron James two years of time practiced football, so United States Football absolute does not is now this level. "In South Africa during the World Cup

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