Huki V1-X for sale in SoCal

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In great shape Huki V1-X for sale $3100.00. Model design is post 2010. I am the third owner. There are two iako (long and short). Comes with original cover. Two seats, one original adjustable. The other seat is new and was custom made by Jude (Huki) to fit a 5' 2" person and can be sanded down to accommodate a taller paddler. I used this seat to fill up the back seat well to keep water from pooling in big water. The rudder cables are fairly new from Huki. There are some dings. This is a great canoe and has lots of life left in it.
I can bring down to Mothers Beach, Marina Del Rey if you want to paddle it.

The Huki V1-X is the perfect all round racer. She is as short as most rough water canoes while maintaining a longer waterline than any other canoe of the same overall length. This allows her to glide between strokes more smoothly while still fitting into the same big waves. She does Flat Water better than any other sub 22ft canoe and does big water as well as sub 21ft canoes. She is small enough for 100 pound paddlers and big enough for 200 pound paddlers in 10ft seas. 230 pound paddlers will be able to use her in seas of less than 3 ft.

20' 10" LOA (Length Over All), 14.5" BOA (Beam Over All)
20' 3" LAW (Length At Waterline) @ full speed, 13" BAW for 190 LB paddler
20.5 LB assembled main hull (Vac'd Carb/Kev)

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