ISO Escort Boat or Escort Boat Contacts for 2013 Moloka'i Hoe

Hi all,

I'm captain of a team heading to the Hoe this year from the east coast (Washington Canoe Club, Washington DC). We've got just about all our major logistics locked down already, but have just about exhausted what personal connections we have on Oahu without finding an escort boat and driver. Is anyone here looking to escort this year, or in touch with someone who is?

We're all experienced paddlers, and are training hard to the best of our ability on the water we have available. We're looking to put our best foot forward on Oct. 13, and would prefer to have an escort boat captain who's done support for the race before and has room for 2 (maybe even 3) people besides the race team. We recognize that the escort boat captain is the one in charge on his (or her) boat, and we're happy to pay the going rate, but are not looking to get gouged or taken advantage of.

If any drivers with boats should happen to read this and are interested in helping us out, or if anyone in the ocpaddler community should have connections to someone with a boat who might be interested, please let me know.


Nate Day

Submitted by Nathan Day on Wed, 07/24/2013 - 4:13pm

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