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Oc2 Stingray. Excellent condition. All white with red lettering. Used only for racing and some pre race training. This canoe has good mana (has won the Molokai Solo oc2 and State Championship races). Steering option from front or rear seat. Seats have been reconfigured to handle wide range of height differences. Canoe protected from sun exposure while stored. Love this boat, but we have two of them. Our regular trainer is so bussup we didn't think it would sell, so we are offering the "attractive" one for sale. Can email photos as soon as they are available. $3700 obo. New oc2Stingrays are approx. $4300. For more info call 808-639-6696.

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808-639-6696 or email westaysurfing@yahoo.com

Posted by laolalake on Tue, 07/24/2012 - 3:49pm

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