Puakea Designs Kahe Kai OC1 for sale

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Aloha Paddlers!

Get a head start for the next Outrigger / Dragon boat season and commence training now with a Puakea Designs Kahe Kai OC1!

Looking to sell my Puakea Designs Kahe Kai OC1 with a stunning Metal Gunship and white colors.

  • Great on the downwind / surf and smooth on the flats.
  • Super water tight, like new condition.
  • Only about a year old with normal scratches.
  • Vertical connections with the ama for easy adjustment.
  • OC1 ama and I’akos has always been rinsed / washed after every use.
  • OC1, ama and I’akos has always been stored in their covers / bags.

The Kahe Kai OC1 comes equipped with the following:

  • 100% carbon layup, one-piece construction.
  • 100% carbon foot-well cover (removable).
  • Full carbon I’akos and ama for lite weight and strength.
  • Full carbon pedals.
  • Two full carbon surf and weed rudders with Titanium shaft.
  • Adjustable high-density foam seat.
  • Ama bag, I’akos bag, and OC1 bag.
  • Ka Waa leash.
  • Assisted foot well drains.

Links to the Kahe Kai: https://outriggerzone.com/products/oc1/kahekai/

Priced to sell at $4100 obo

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Send me a private message.

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