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I'd like to pimp for a service I have used a number of times both inbound and outbound in the last two years. It is KAS Transport. Steve Skinner owns this company and, I gather, a retail canoe/kayak outfitters in upstate NY. He hauls for universities, builders and civilians. The last time he came was with a new trailer that can carry 40' shells. (I was sending the blue covered shell to Michigan)

... I almost forgot, he runs Up/Dn both the East and West coasts and then different tracks across the country pretty much year'round. It's gotta be a crazy business ..with lots of isolation and irregular schedules.

Costs are relative. The very first boat I bought was 10hrs drive from me - that was really stoopid. Not only was the boat a crapper, but the drive was insane. 'Live & Learn'.. Today, about 4hrs one-way is about the max I would consider.

Steve is at:


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Submitted by wetstuff on Tue, 03/09/2010 - 3:51am

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