Moloka'i Hoe 2011

My name is Marek Mroz. I am a paddler from the Chicago area who is looking to aid a Masters team (or any other crew) in the Moloka’i Hoe race this October.

I am 52 years young, and in excellent shape (192lbs, 6’tall). I’ve been paddling canoes for the last 40 years. I began competing in Olympic style canoe becoming a member of the Polish and USA National teams. Next, I paddled marathon and OC-1 for a while. Most recently, I paddled with the USA Dragon Boat Team during the International Dragon Boat Federation World Championships in Tampa this year, August 2011. I medaled in 2000m, 1000m, 500m and 200m races with seniors A (above 40yrs old) and seniors B (above 50yrs old).

Currently I’m paddling mainly OC-1 and some OC-4.

Additionally, I’m leading a group of excellent paddlers that will participate in the 2012 Moloka’i Hoe. All of us are former members of the Polish National Team (flatwater kayak/canoe) that are living in the Chicago area and will race Molokai next year.

We have purchased a new 0C-6 that will come to our area this month so we can start team practices on Lake Michigan.

I’m seeking to paddle with a team of Masters 40+ or Masters 50+ in the upcoming October 2011 race.

I’m hoping to achieve 3 goals through the upcoming visit to Hawaii:

Be a valuable addition to any team that will allow me to join them.
Gain a firsthand experience of crossing the channel.
Gain a firsthand experience of the environment and all organizational aspects of this race before competing in 2012.
Any help that you could offer would be greatly appreciated. If you know a club or crew that would be willing to take the “stranger” along, please let me know.

Thank you.
Marek Mroz

Submitted by mrozio on Sat, 09/03/2011 - 12:35pm

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