Senior Master from Mooloolaba available for Molokai Hoe

Looking for a paddle in the Molokai Hoe this year.
I've been training and competing with the Australian Mooloolalba senior masters crew (Winner senior master division Holokai Hoe 2012, 2011,2010, 2009) and have purchased tickets and sorted accommodation.

Senior Master ---50 years old.
Seat Position --- 2,3,4
Weight------ 105kg

Some recent stats

A total of 11 Austalian National gold medals. (in various events)

2013 OC1 National senior master sprint 1st
2013 OC2 National senior master mixed sprint 1st
2013 OC6 National senior master men sprint 1st
2013 OC6 Hamilton Island senior master men 16 km 1st
2013 OC2 Hamilton Island senior master mixed 16 km 1st
2013 OC6 Hamilton Island master men 42 km 2nd
2012 OC6 Hamilton Island senior master men 42 km 1st
2012 OC6 Gold Coast Cup senior master men 42 km 1st

Ron Grabbe from Mooloolalba or Danny Sheard will give a reference if required.

For further information send an email to

Craig Ebneter

Submitted by Craig Ebneter on Wed, 09/11/2013 - 9:46pm

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