Pacific Honda Moku Manu Hoe Wa'a open to Mixed crews

Due to a shortage in the supply of available paddlers 18 years and under, and the expressed interest from adults wanting to paddle this potentially awesome course from Waimanalo to Kualoa, we are opening up the race to an OPEN MIXED ADULT DIVISION. The rules for this division are:

  1. Maximum 5 Male paddlers (at least 4 females)
  2. Must be in a regulation 400 lb. spec boat
  3. Must have exhausted every effort to find available juniors.

Race is this Sunday, August 30 so get on the stick and don't get left off the course. Scrape up your kids, or your mixed crews, and help make this inaugural race a success. Check for registration information.

Submitted by KIRA on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 5:02pm

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