Custom 3 Piece M2 (mirage 2) Maui

Last year we had Karel make us a 3 piece (cut at the wae's) M2 that we could take apart and put back together to easily move around using just a truck with racks. Front and back Manu's go on racks and middle of canoe goes in bed of truck. There is a flange that has a dozen bolts holding the sections together at each section. The canoe is brand new and was only paddled about 25 times. The iakoo's are brand new and haven't even been unwrapped. The canoe cost $15,000 with the custom modification. In Europe and Asia the Outrigger Connection canoes are made as 3 piece canoes out of mould as their road ways don't easily allow canoes to be trailered.

This canoe is a one of kind in Hawaii and no others will be made by Outrigger Connection in Hawaii.

The canoe is ready to be shipped or sold on Maui for $13,000.

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Submitted by mauitim on Sat, 05/21/2016 - 4:15pm

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