FS: Sealline Dry Bag 20 HD - Like New

Got out of the sport of paddling so I'm parting out my equipment.

I have a slightly used Sealline 20 HD Dry Bag


Proven on rivers, lakes, and oceans around the world, Baja dry bags are versatile and durable. Ideal for keeping gear and clothes dry when paddling, boating, or camping. With 1,170-cubic-inch (19-liter) storage capacity.

Made with 19-ounce vinyl sides and a heavy-duty 30-ounce bottom
Dry Seal waterproof closure made with continuous double-seal strips
To close, simply fold the top of the bag downward between the strips, squish out any trapped air, fold a couple more times, then buckle.
Attached D-ring for securing inside a raft or on top of a luggage rack

Great for paddlers looking to keep their things dry for the Molokai Hoe. I used bags such as this one to transfer clothing and gear from shore to the escort boat.


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Submitted by Snarfblat on Mon, 10/03/2016 - 8:29am

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