This OC1 thing is ADDICTING!

Well, since I started this new hobby I caught a bunch of fish and had some nice short paddles. Just being a total novice and enjoying it. Today a couple friends and I did my first fun run from Sunset Beach to Kaiaka. The wind was nice and smokin in the beginning then it got swirly with flat water around Rock Piles, Sharks Cove to past Waimea Bay. Got some good waves at Lani's and some good winds again for the home stretch past the Regatta in Haleiwa. It was around 7 miles and I had a blast! I loved catching the bumps, heck, I even liked the flat water! One of the guys told me wait till I do the Hawaii Kai run if I thought that was fun.

I'm totally hooked and want to get into the longer distances and get better in the bumps. I'd like to thank all my friends who talked me into this. Even my fat belly's starting to go away... Yeah, yeah, yeah, you guys were right, [b]I'm addicted!![/b] :P

Submitted by StinkFinger on Sun, 06/05/2005 - 9:55pm

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