Flaw's with HYPR Boats

I recently purchased a HYPR Wave Blade 2 and I had a couple problems. The first problem was when I received the boat from YB, the ama had a lot of pressure dings. HYPR worked with me to fix that problem. Secondly, I've noticed that the iako's I received, the push pin holes were overdrilled by almost 2 sizes. When I contacted HYPR the reason for overdrilled holes was that, it was meant to be that way for rigging purposes, although other iako's that I have seen were drilled in a better way then mines was. When I have paddled the boat, I have felt a lot of play from the oversized holes. Lastly, a friend of mines has a WB2 and his seat track was put on backwards when he received it and the twist locks for the iako's are breaking apart peice by peice, although the boat is only a couple months old.

Submitted by MauiBoy on Tue, 01/10/2006 - 9:37pm

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