H2O Ergometer

We have the right equipment!. !!!!

The brand new H2O ergometer simulates the stereotypical motion of Swimming, Paddle-boarding, Kayaking, Classic C1 Canoeing, Dragon boating en Outrigger Canoeing for both elite and recreational athletes.

The complexity of the smooth and gentle motions increases the muscles strength and flexibility of the upper body. A correct seating stance is fundamental for setting up stroke mechanics, that's why H2O ERG offers different MODULAR benches for Kayak, Olympic C, Dragon Boat & Outrigger Canoe. Ideal to learning strokes, coach youth, individual, coach and compare team-members in Dragon Boat or OC4/6.

It also offers the optimal cardio vascular training. The unlimited range of resistance is given through air displacement turbine which simulates water fluid dynamics. This break system allows the using of the H2O ergometer independent from age or fitness-level. The load is regulated by the pulling effort. There is additional mechanism for regulation of the flywheel drag. The working position is adjustable for all body height.
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Submitted by Laszlo Schilling on Tue, 10/03/2006 - 8:17am

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