molokai safety

some first hand knowledge of my molokai races and safety concerns. my first molokai, right after my escort checked in with me at the 30 min mark they took on a swell and got swamped. i didn't see them for 2 1/2 hours. i saw one other boat in that time and it was too far away to contact. my second molokai my escort hit me and knocked me off my ski. small bump on the head but i was able to continue. my fourth molokai i cramped and pulled out mid channel. immediatly after getting on my escort boat my entire body cramped and i was curled up on the floor of my escort screaming in agony. four years ago after my escort first checked in with me they then lost me. they didn't find me until 2 miles outside of portlock.
if i had tried to pull out 11 seconds later on my 4th molokai i would have drown, for real, no doubt! if anything would have happened durring the many hours i spent alone with my escort looking for me i might have had some serious difficulties as well. if i had been wearing a lifejacket for any of these issues, i would have been safe. if you are under the impression that your escort will be there for you at all times you may end up being dead wrong. be safe and find a comfortable lifejacket and safety equipment. i started paddling with mine last night, a bit of a nipple rash, i'll use vasaline next time.

Submitted by smonahan on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 10:53pm

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