Cummins ISDE, ISLE, Service light reset

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Vehicle model: Dongfeng Kingrun
Year: Junly, 2009
Engine type: ISDE18.530
VIN: LGAX2BG4291012183
Pic.1 Cummins
Principle and operating method of Cummins service light reset
A Dongfeng Kingrun has travelled 58,634 km, the 11th to maintain, there will be a wrench (see Figure 2)
Pic.2 instrument wrench
prompts driver per driving less than 6000 km instrument, the vehicle need maintenance and change oil to improve the recorded memory of this vehicle, preventing engine oil travelling excessive miles and shorten engine life, to understand the usefulness of maintenance, now have a look at operation method of service light reset.
1, Test cable connect respectively with diesel OBD round 16-pin test connector and main unit
2, Find vehicle diagnostic socket position of this vehicle(See Pic.3)

3, Connect with car diagnositc socket, Place ignition switch in ON  
4, Turn on power switch of Fcar auto scanner:  
5, enter the menu, select [diesel cars] - [Cummins] - [V5.7] -  
[Cummins diesel engine ISDE] - [read current DTC] Fault code display [435 oil change intervals - prompted to replace the oil and oil filter 1] - [History DTC] - fault code display [435 oil pressure sensor fault - signal unstable, intermittent or wrong 1] - [Clear DTC] - [Clear success] - click [service light reset] - [service light reset success] - this time the wrench of instrument lights off, service light reset complete.
Note: Before serive light reset, need to clear current DTC, history DTC, then click service light reset first.

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