fifa 14 fut coins the European team has never lifted the trophy outside of the continent

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Beijing time June 30, fifa 14 fut coins 2010 South Africa World Cup one-eighth-finals all over, along with Spain and Portugal vs Spain ended 1:0 win, the top 8 teams total. 5 teams in South America (Brazil, and Argentina, and Paraguay, and Uruguay, and Chile) in addition to Chile, all the round of 8, to occupy half; Netherlands, and Germany and Spain as a representative of European teams into the last 8; Africa's Ghana team was able to break many of the forces nouvelles also surprising, they and the Paraguay team, are both broke into the top 8 for the World Cup for the first time. One-fourth-final, Netherlands Brazil and Argentina Germany World Cup will be staged between two strong dialogue in 80 years of history, the European team has never lifted the trophy outside of the continent. 2010 South Africa is no exception, following the one-eighth hit a record low of only 6 teams entered the finals after European teams during the three-game "civil war", and disgrace to refresh: only 3 teams (the Netherlands, and Germany, and Spain) into the top 8, at least in the history.

Instead, South America team full flowering, except Chile in one-eighth finals only one South America showdown in the 0:3 was Brazil eliminated outside, Argentina, and Uruguay and Paraguay are smooth qualify 8 strong--South America 4 strong teamed up, occupy 8 strong half, this in World Cup history Shang, is first experience has group game and one-eighth finals of fighting, World Cup will truce 2 days, from Beijing time July 2 to July 4, one-fourth finals will full started. July 2, 22:00, Oranje Netherlands team will work with Brazil team for the top four places spearheaded fierce competition, the two teams currently unbeaten in the tournament, in which Netherlands team is match 3 games. Netherlands and Brazil teams are currently scoring 5 goals, second only to Argentina in 7 games. For fans, the 1994 United States World Cup and the 1998 France World Cup, Brazil and the Netherlands battle for the attacking team has so far let them suckers. When is known for total kept Netherlands team and have the fancy footwork of Brazil met again, Netherlands people can complete revenge? five stars Brazil can beat Netherlands in the finals again?

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