FIFA Golden Globe awards a total of eight awards are announced

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fifa coins trader Beijing time on January 14th at one thirty in the morning, FIFA 2013 annual awards ceremony held at the Zurich International Convention and Exhibition Center hall. The year's best lineup and FIFA president award, best male and female football coach, the fair play award, the annual Poos Cash award, best goal FIFA honorary Golden Globe Award, miss world football and FIFA Golden Globe awards a total of eight awards are announced. Madrid Portuguese star C Luo, Messi beat Ribery won the FIFA Golden Globe Award, this is the award for the first time since the reform by Messi outside of the player to win, also C Luo since 2008 after the re harvest awards to honor the FIFA Golden Globe Awards by Diego Bailey.
During the world cup, even in the Rio IBIS this is equivalent to the domestic level Chinese Samsung hotel chain can sell for $12001500 price super star. Cuiaba 3-star hotel every day can be more than 1800 yuan. In contrast, Chinese these large city reception capacity is almost dry sponge level.
Brazil will appear sometimes violent demonstrations, but this phenomenon is not unique to a country of Brazil. Everyone in the world is filled with all kinds of problems in the.".
But this year the National Games, the important matches gave Yang Shao law enforcement. It is not difficult to see that, in recent years, from the edge of the world cup to law enforcement to gain a foothold in the Asian Games, even in the domestic league are subject to foreign referee "crowding out" Chinese referee is by way of acceleration "fade out" the football field. At the referee crisis, understand and deal with the Chinese football to the crisis is far from enough.

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