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fut coins The evening of January 12, Beijing time, 19th round serie a continues to fight Juventus reversed away 4:1 Cagliari, creating record 11-game winning streak http://www.coinsell.org/ of the League clubs. Llorente scored twice, lixishitaina 2-1 shot, Marchisio substitute long visits. Juventus League 10-game winning streak, equalling the club record. Because of Cagliari at home is being rebuilt, this service allows only 5,000 fans, Manchester United boss David Moyes watched in the stands. After 21 minutes of the first half, Cagliari take the lead! Tactical corner after the draw, Cossu cross from the right flank Conti penalty points after header grazed, Pinilla volley NET, 1:0. Caceres uprooting Pinilla, by yellow. The first 25 minutes, Cossu corner on the right side, Conti was made, crossed beams! The first 31 minutes, Juventus tied the score! Lixishitaina picking the right pass, Llorente headed, 1:1. On 33 minutes, m ' Uru cross from the left, dessena nodded the ball after was blocked by Buffon side knee-bashing. The first 44 minutes and lixishitaina in front of the left foot to push higher. After the first 10 minutes of the second half, Cossu was in retaliation after shovel man, by yellow. After 56 minutes, Tevez is the edge of the area cold shot, get rid of Adam, and sent. On 61 minutes, Andrea Pirlo pass, Asamoah shot high to the left of the area. Substituted Saout yiwaerwo, Claudio Marchisio replaced Andrea Pirlo. On 73 minutes and Giorgio Chiellini on the left cross struck, Marchio slap, Dan diving could not stop the ball into the net, 2:1. On 76 minutes, lixishitaina right-hand side to pass points to advance an open goal after Llorente, 3:1. Cabrera replaced Pisano. The 80thMinutes, Llorente restricted area arc low shot caused Dan to sell lixishitaina shot to advance an open goal, 4:1. Dessena by yellow. Giovinco substituted Tevez, Pellico, Silvio replaced Albin ekdal, Padoin substituted Bidal. The 87 minute, Giorgio Chiellini fouled Valvo, Pinilla to a magistrate to let off steam, and was sent off. Eventually, Juventus won 4-1 away from home.

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