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Is a collection of exhibitions, exhibitions, research, collections, cheapest fifa coins sales and social education of integrated modern ceramics Museum the Museum's display area of more than 4,000 square meters. Show is currently the largest and most complete variety, showing one of the highest levels of modern ceramics Museum. Shows the Houli culture from Neolithic times until now more than 8,000 years, unearthed in Zibo, the production and collection of ceramic products more than 2,500 pieces (sets), of which 249 ancient exhibits.

However, in 3D technology becomes a cinema screen and TV shows, is still standard equipment on several issues need to be clarified. For example, how can the recording and post-processing to optimize and reduce their costs? In fact, Cameron's sci-fi spectacular brewing consumed 250 million US dollars, requires 4 years of working on computers. How to be selected the tools of film production? And the $ 64,000 question: three dimensional glasses or without 3D glasses? In order to solve these problems, from the film industry and experts participated in the consortium of academic and research of prosperity ": the production and projection technology senses the medium.

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