Landlocked Hawaiian must find OC1 (Mainland)

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If you are on the mainland USA (lower 48), please send me any details you may have on available USED OC1s. I already know what is available NEW and I am making one last nationwide search before I commit to one or the other. MUST PADDLE!! I am 5'5", if that matters (I think for some canoes, it does). I am in Texas, and as long as there is a road to drive to and back, it won't matter where you are. Although closer it better, I am prepared for a trek to the East or West Coast. I've been all over the web looking, but who knows - maybe you know someone who knows someone who... you get the idea. Look forward to hearing from you, mahalos!

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Posted by dcha on Sun, 09/01/2013 - 10:08am

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