Kahe Kai

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Kahe Kai OC1

Brand new , used once ( received 11/15 )
Due to injury, won't be able to use this awesome canoe. Comes with covers for canoe , ama, and iako's
Mike 808-214-3538
Boat Specs

Type: OC1 (1-man outrigger canoe)
Length: 20? 8?
Width: 16.25?
Hull Weight: 18 lbs. (Pro Model = 16 lbs.)
Manufacturer: Ozone
Standard Model Price: $4300 USD + local tax and handling = $4550

Puakea Designs is proud to present its newest canoe design, the Kahe Kai. Delivery of the first canoes occurred only days before the 2016 Molokai Solo, but team riders Jimmy Austin and Daniel Chun liked it so much they decided to race the new canoe.

The Kahe Kai's new design is ideal for men and stronger women weighing 140 to 210 pounds. The canoe displaces 10 more pounds of water than the Ehukai and is 1/4 inch wider and has less rocker than its predecessor.

Volume has been moved further forward, and several changes were made to keep the Kahe Kai drier during surfing. The bow is 3/4 inch taller; the cockpit railers are taller as is the footwell cover. The seat placement has not changed, but we did make it 1/4 inch wider and 1/4 inch lower. The rudder was moved up 3 inches and the footwells are narrower and deeper than the Ehukai.

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Send me a private message.808-214-3538

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