ISO used-but-in-good-shape Bradley Lightnings

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My name is Nate Day and I'm coach of the men's OC6 program at the Washington Canoe Club in Washington, DC. We are trying to expand our spec fleet and are hoping to buy a pair of Lightnings from a club interested in offloading spec boats in order to raise funds (presumably to buy more Malolos, since that's all we see when we come race at Catalina). We have guys willing to road trip with our trailer from DC to the west coast (empty-nesters with vacation time), so logistical commitments at your end would be minimal -- again, we are looking for spec Lightnings that are still stiff and in good shape. The price (including 'iakos and 'amas) we would offer would depend on the age and condition of the boat. If you are reading this and your club may be interested, please contact me via my email address in the contact info. Cheers,

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Posted by Nathan Day on Sun, 01/21/2018 - 4:50pm

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