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Nathan Day

paddling, teaching, spouse and family (not in that order)

Washington, DC
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I'm a high school English teacher.

I would gladly slice North America at the Cascades and Appalachians, and cut out everything in between, in order to make it easier to get to the West Coast, Hawai'i, friends, and real waves.

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Captain of WCC men's team, 2012-present. Helped bring the ECORA high points trophy back to WCC, 2012.

Have yet to crash into a stationary object while steering, or be ticketed by the DC water police or Coast Guard for tailgating ferryboats.

Going to more races than anyone else and thereby winning the ECORA OC1 Open Mens' point series, 2009.

7th Place, Novice B Division, Hawai'i States Sprint Regatta, 2000.

My canoe(s)
2003 China-built Hurricane OC1 (teal deck, ECORA hull #07)
Washington CC (Past: I Mua (HI), False Creek RCC (Vancouver)
Started paddling
In my paddle bag
50" ZRE Power Surge Medium Outrigger (carbon fiber), 51" Xylo P2 (hybrid), 51" Gillespie steerer, 51" Makana Ali'i (wood, purchased in 2000 from Les and Leighton off the back of their pickup with a check made out to "cash")


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