Hui O Ko'olaupoko Fundraiser race in Kailua / Lanikai for all Outriggers, SUPs and Swimming

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Nov 5 2016 9:00 am
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Hui O Ko'olaupoko fundraiser race for OC-6, OC-2, OC-1, SUP and Swimmers.

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This annual two part fundraiser, features both mauka and makai focused days in an effort to showcase Hui o Ko’olaupoko’s mission of protecting ocean health by restoring the '?ina: mauka to makai. So, whether you swim, SUP or wa’a you can take part in the Huaka?i Makai (journey to the ocean), on Saturday, November 5th on Kailua Bay.

This is a day for ocean enthusiasts who will race in the categories of swimming, outrigger paddling and stand-up paddle boarding, choosing from two different courses in Kailua Bay. This event is a partnership with Kailua Beach Adventures and Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association which aims to raise awareness about HOK's efforts to protect ocean health. Preregistration fee is $40 until November 1st.

Registration and race course details
for the Huika'i Makai are available here.

Hui o Ko‘olaupoko is an award winning 501 (c) (3) non-profit community-supported organization. It was first established as the Kailua Bay Advisory Council (KBAC) in 1995 and became HOK in 2007. HOK implements projects that focus on stream protection and ocean health in Ko?olaupoko: mauka to makai. This includes upland watershed restoration along streams to improve water quality, enhance fish passage and restore native ecosystems. HOK is also a state-wide industry leader implementing innovative projects that reduce polluted urban and residential storm water runoff. Project examples include: Upland stream restoration; Urban storm water improvements; Residential rain gardens; Water quality monitoring; Monthly volunteer opportunities; Environmental education and outreach. 13,000 volunteers have contributed over 34,000 hours to HOK’s work since 2009.

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