James Moore-morial Champions Cup

Feb 6 2016 7:09 am
Event Description: 

James Lance Kiri Moore (aka Bhutty) was a core member of the Goodyear Outrigger Canoe Crew and New Zealand’s Men’s White Water Rafting Team. He loved the water and there weren’t too many days when he was not involved with it in some way. In July 2008 we had to bid our brother farewell, while doing a downwind run Bhutty got the call up into Tangaroa’s team. We host this event to honour our friend, to celebrate his life & what he achieved. The race is designed to raise the bar, keep us all in top form and at the top of our game. To be able to compete, or complete, means that you will have done the hard yards and every time you are out training you can thank Bhutty for the legacy that he left.

Waka Ama, Sup, Surfski

Please see attached information pack for all info!



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