Aloha fellow paddlers from down under

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know, episode 2 of ocean paddler is now on line for you to watch.

Please note, the on line show will always be a month behind what is on TV. This episode has alot of OC-1 stuff. ENJOY! Please send me your feedback.

Ocean Paddler TV

Submitted by Kanu37 on Wed, 07/02/2008 - 3:42pm

"Please note, the on line show will always be a month behind what is on TV. "

Thats OK Terry, we're a bit slow anyway!!

Thanks for the tip...........

#1 Wed, 07/02/2008 - 9:34pm

Voce Donu,

You make me laugh.

You all arent slow! It is a marketing thing:):)

Hope all is good were you are!
A hui hou,

Terry leilani Galpin
Ocean Paddler TV

#2 Thu, 07/03/2008 - 9:54am

Now you know that Voce Donu aka "The Booze Hound" is better known is some circles as voca dunno nothin.

I prefer his alter ego "Fabio" the most beautiiful man in the universe. Ask him for a picture! He's not shy.

Seriously now Terry I watched the episode on the Kaua'i World Challenge. It inspired me to ring Butch and book in for the 2009 race. Maybe Voce Duno can save up the bikkies and partner me for the race, if you could get him on the show that might swing it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3 Wed, 11/05/2008 - 8:17am

Since I have to race 30km (19 miles) against Clarkie on his Pegasus "China Polly" this Sunday, I will indeed.... "Say Nothin'"

....However, it is Clarkie's birthday after the race and there'll be bands and plenty of rehydration!........this environment, my friend, is the natural habitat of the Boozehound, so look out!

Here's a happy snap!

#4 Wed, 11/05/2008 - 5:57pm

A happy snap of what?
voca dunno nothin or do nothin.

comon you can do better than that.


#5 Wed, 11/05/2008 - 9:06pm

Ok, Ben, here you go.........

#6 Fri, 11/07/2008 - 3:59am

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