Beware of a scam involving someone buying your canoe

Beware of scammers...

I just want to let everyone know about a scam that is going on. I was contacted by this scammer today and fortunately I was on to him from the beginning. I have my canoe listed on Y2Kanu, someone with the email address "" emailed me about buying my canoe. He asked me the questions listed below. He is out of state and wasn't interested in seeing the canoe in person, that's a clue there. He didn't respond to my questions like, where are you located and what bank will you be using. This was the telltale question he asked: "Can you wire the rest of the funds to the shipper the same day you received and cashed the check?" Of course not, because the check is going to be bogus and before my bank realizes this he would've already received the wire transfer from me.

I just wanted to bring this to attention to everyone, I don't want anyone to get scammed.

Q#1. How long have you owned the Item?
Q#2. a) Have you owned it from new? b) If not how many previous owner?
Q#3. Why are you selling it?
Q#4. In your opinion, what sort of condition is it?
Q#5. Any new available photo?
Q#6. What is the final asking price that you are asking for it now?
Q#7 Do you accept a ( Cashier Check / Money Order)as a mode of payment?
Q#8Will you let a shipping company come to your house for the pick up of the Item?

Submitted by polaris on Sat, 12/05/2009 - 7:42pm

That's a nigerian scam. I also had one off Y2. One of their main tools is counterfeit cashiers checks.

They send counterfeit checks for excessive amounts. "After you cash the check, please send the balance". People who are fooled cash the counterfeit checks, send the balance out, and then later their banks hold them responsible for the entire amount.

#1 Mon, 12/07/2009 - 5:13am

A variation of this happens on craigslist too.

I usually respond to them by asking them if it would be easier if I gave them my SSN and mom's maiden name, or maybe my bank account number and PIN.

They usually stop the communications. OR, you can go back and forth with them and see how long they are willing to keep things going (that's if you're really bored).

#2 Mon, 12/07/2009 - 5:34am

Scamming the scammers can be pretty amusing. Check out a site dedicated to reversing the scam.

#3 Mon, 12/07/2009 - 7:46am

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