Newbie Questions


1) Can an oc-1 be paddled effectively with a two blade "kayak/surfski" stroke/paddle? Why/why not?

2) I've heard cockpit/sit-inside canoes perform well on flat water and poorly in surf/swells. Why is this?


Submitted by Zephyrus on Fri, 11/27/2009 - 2:43pm

Dave Anderson of Washington has set course records in several Marathon type races doing just that. He told me that in the longer races he switches off between kayak and canoe paddles.

#1 Fri, 11/27/2009 - 2:52pm

With a kayak paddle, is he as fast as a surfski? (given same paddler ability on both)

also, do you know of a more active oc/surfski forum?


#2 Sun, 11/29/2009 - 7:26am

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