So I finally named my M2... Anybody know where I can get custom stickers at?

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Submitted by islandpaddler706 on Thu, 09/24/2009 - 10:33pm

PM me. I know someone.

#1 Thu, 09/24/2009 - 11:33pm

1130 N Nimitz Hwy Ste A-110
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

One Day Signs & Graphics Llc
1732 Kalani St
Honolulu, HI 96819
808) 841-4008

Or checkout any other printing services places or other places that do auto window graphics.

Some surfshops have custom vinyl decals/lettering services that can make them as well.

#2 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 12:03am

Rubber Stamp Plantation on Ilaniwai off of Ward.

Vinyl Decals and other choices.

By Phone:

By Fax:

By Mail:
Rubber Stamp Plantation
746 Ilaniwai Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Monday - Friday 9:00am-4:30pm

By Email:

They give discounts sometimes, so let them know you paddle and where you got their number (They work with clubs on fundraiser stickers all the time).

#3 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 5:47am

PM me I do stickers and design work at my house. Can give a good deal.

#4 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 8:39am

Hi Fluidpaddler,

The contact not working for my computer ... If / when you get a chance, please send me a note to let me know what other stuffs you can do ...thanks.


#5 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 8:48am

Mahaloz everybody.

#6 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 9:09am

what's up onno-
I think met you before. Didn't you fix my friends Hurricane a few months ago? In addition to the stickers I silkscreen some shirts occasionally. I also have been working on making paddles for a little while now. why do you ask?

#7 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 12:58pm

Hi All, I make the Mirage down here in Australia for Karel and I offer a design service for clubs if they want to make their canoe a bit special. I also do designs for clubs of their new canoe for presentations to show potential sponsors a canoe with their logo and signage on it. This is a real big help for clubs down here getting a sponsorship deal over the line. Here are some samples I've done over the years.


Outrigger Connection Australia

#8 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 1:09pm

Hi Fluid,

Yep, that was me .... On the stickers ... Just wanted to check out what you can do and try to support local biz.


#9 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 5:34pm


I used to have a sign business in Cali. I still have all the stuff from back then... so i can do pretty much anything related to that, for local biz. I've done stuff for our club as well as some other people but it's been more part-time kine stuff, need stickers and such?

#10 Fri, 09/25/2009 - 5:42pm

Hi Fluidpaddler,

Good right now for paddle logo stickers but please email me with your price per square foot for white ink on clear + 2 color, die cut 2" x 3" ovals if you do these. Thanks.

Your / our friend has my phone or please email @ and I will get back to you.


#11 Sat, 09/26/2009 - 12:03am

Fluid paddler,
Can I get your contact, looking to make stickers of my office logo for water equipment.

#12 Sun, 09/27/2009 - 5:56am

Hey Kayaker1-
contact me here and i'll give #. We'll talk story.

#13 Sun, 09/27/2009 - 8:07am

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