Who are you racing for?

I racing for my family, friends and loved ones. I racing for the children and adults with disease and handicaps. I racing for all the people starving and suffering, especially the children, in the world. I racing for the homeless who not because of being lazy or drugs just cannot afford to live in a home. I racing for those who are no longer with us (unfortunately too many to name). I racing for the child who's parents don't give a shit about them. I racing for the person who feels like an outcast and that they have nobody. I racing for whoever doesn't feel loved. Does me racing for them change anything? Probably not. I no care. They are who I think about when I get tired or my body gets sore or I start feeling sorry for myself. And they are the ones that make me feel so lucky to be able to go out and compete in this endeavor. that's all that matters. Might sound like bullshit and I getting too deep, but it is exactly what I think about everytime I go paddle. Because who really gives a rip who wins the Molokai? Gotta be more than winning cause there are over a hundred crews who not going win. So I ask, who are you racing for?

Submitted by kekoa on Sat, 10/03/2009 - 1:08am

Braddah Bruhn...always from the heart. That's the Aloha I miss and love.

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Johnny Cash used to feel this way too , thats why he was the man in black:

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Koa- Mahalo for your thoughts Hawaiian. I think we all should be racing for our polynesian ohana of Samoa. Many of our paddling friends and club members are of the Samoan ancestry and may have lost family members in Samoa. I know I will be looking for a Samoan flag this week to attach to the back of the canoe when my crew and I cross the channel.

Would be nice to see everyone else do the same.

Aloha, Eddie

#5 Sat, 10/03/2009 - 10:27pm

I race for my kupuna who wanted to do the channel but didn't get a chance to. I race because my kids need a better role model than I ever had. I race because of guys like Koa and Eddie, who gives a shit about other things outside of the canoe. I race because I'm Hawaiian and proud. Aloha

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I'm racing for Pua Williams. I wasn't going to participate this year, but when Pua died while training for her channel race, I felt like I needed to cross this year as a tribute to her. I know it's going to hurt because I have only been training for 6 weeks, but when I hurt, I will think of Pua and let the pain cleanse me.

We all miss you, Pua, but I'll find you in the middle of the Kaiwi on the 11th. I can't wait to see your smile once again.

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I am paddling the channel to stay connected to what inspires me, the ocean, Hawaii, and great people who share so much. I paddle to improve myself as a person and athlete, to quite the mind and listen to the higher intelligence of the body. I too will think of Pua Williams, as well as my wife and kids who give me so much support. The road to Molokai Hoe has not been easy, im stoked i made it in spite of the many rreasons not to.

#8 Mon, 10/05/2009 - 10:47pm

I race for the people who raced before me - and for those who will race after me.
I race for my competitors and for my community.
I race for my mother.

Most of all - I race for the other 5 guys in the boat with me.

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I'm racing for my wife who couldn't do the Na Wahine because she is pregnant with our first child and was thoughtful enough to let me continue training. For my old crew who I've done Molo the last 5 years with but aren't with me this year. For my new crew who trained their a$$es off this year giving up pau hana friday's for 6 am practices on Saturday.

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