Double bladed wing paddle with OC-2?

Sacrilegious I know, but just wondering how it would work. Thanks.

Submitted by wallace on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 10:21am

This guy Dave Anderson used a kayak paddle in oc1 succesfully in the Missouri 240 and Texas Water Safari. His times were close to or set course records in those races.

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He said he would switch off between outrigger and kayak paddle. He and his brother won the Missouri race in oc2 this year. Not sure what paddles they used. About forty hrs. of paddling!

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The stability of the outrigger also allowed him to take cat naps (closing his eyes for 30 secs at a time while still paddling) to fool the brain into thinking it had been rested, so he was able to spend more continuous time on the water. This had a huge bearing on his times in the race more so than the ski paddle.


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Indeed, Dave Anderson did set a solo record for the Missouri River 340 (yes, 340 miles non-stop) that lasted just a year when Carter Johnson came out and beat it by nearly 10 hours. You can see the top four men's solo times below. It is true that Dave Anderson used both single and double blade.

1 Carter Johnson (2008) 37:46 - Huki surfski
2 Jeff Wueste (2008) 43:33 - unlimited racing canoe
3 Santo Albright (2009) 44:54 - Huki surfski with Gull Wing
4 Dave Anderson (2007) 46:21 - OC1

Dave and his twin brother Will paddled on a OC2 this past summer achieving another great time. They began with double blade, but switched to single blade for most of the race. I witnessed their effort this past summer and they were a sight of beauty to watch -- amazing synchronization and very efficient stroke. I've attached a photo of them near their canoe. Note location of iakos. Strangely, enough, they told me the model name of their boat is the Hawaiian word for twin -- I think it's called a Mahoe. You can see they outdistanced the next closest boat by more than three hours, which was manned by two very good paddlers.

1 Dave and Will Anderson (2009) 38:59 - OC2
2 Bryan Hopkins and Joe Mann (2009) 42:22 - Racing canoe
3 Phil Bowden & Lee Deviney (2008) 42:32 - unlimited racing canoe
4 James Kaufman & Ryan Slebos (2008) 42:35 - Standard canoe
5 Wally Werderich and Nick Josefik (2009) 43:24 - USCA style pro canoe

It's interesting to note that a well-conditioned and tough solo paddler can go faster than the five fastest tandem times. However, the same year Carter took the men's solo title, a 6-man unlimited racing canoe finished in 36 hrs 19 minutes. These are special racing canoes designed and built in Texas usually for the Texas Water Safari. More information on the Missouri River 340 can be found here:


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Just looked it up. The OC2 they paddled was a Tiger MaHoe.


Length 26 ft. 11 in.
Width 16 in.
Foam Adjustable Seating
Ergonomic Footwells/Drains
Individual Water Bottle Holder
Transferable Steering System
Netting to secure personal items
Safety Leash
Hull weight - 22 lbs

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Proud side note ... Santo used one of my wings : )


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2009 Catalina Challenge Outrigger Pics

Images #197 and #204

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Under the original Kanaka Ikaika racing rules, that tandem craft would be classified as a kayak if double bladed paddles were used. Simple enough.

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Believe it or not ... At least one of those is mine too .. Not sure how they got these as I never spoke with anyone about OC-2 use. Pretty sure its a couple elderly guys just having fun by staying in the pack.

It was discussed here before with Ocean Ohana defending them.


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