OC-1 Trailer Designs

Any advice on trailer designs to carry OC-1,2's? Looking to pack 12 or more. Tongue length? Body width? Advantage of straight shelves or diagonal. Material type - stainless steel or aluminum or ? If anyone can post pictures to get ideas or words of wisdom?

Submitted by ikipoo on Mon, 11/22/2010 - 8:49am

A few of us put one together that we're happy with.

Converted a jetski trailer to one man trailer. bought jetski trailer for $250. extended tongue, welded uprights, added cage, new lights. Foam blocks w/ nylon covers fitted for bars. Fit's 13 canoes (5 across top).

Designed it to disassemble, but never do. Steel (galv is pref) tubular members. Alum is good and lighter, but more expensive.

lessons learned (thing I would do differently):
-Wouldn't design for dissembly, too much extra work, and never used.
-tie down hooks (pointed down) is good and worked as expected.
-welded a bunch of tie down hooks on top row for amas, but never use that either, since amas lay in the cage
-if I did it again, I would keep the lower legs as is, but change the location of the upper legs- instead of one center and one on each end, I would have 2 legs, so that one boat each on outside of legs, and 3 fit in the middle. total capacity of 15 boats.

#1 Mon, 11/22/2010 - 5:53pm

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