Canoe Building - cedar strip?

I'll be building a 32' cedar strip canoe in october....but am wondering if any of the builders here have made a cedar strip canoe and have had problems with bubbling in the fiberglass over time. So my question is...."can you fiberglass just one side to help mitigate the expansion of the wood without compromising the structural integrity and connection between the wood and fiberglass/epoxy?"

I've done a "tape and seam" method and there seems to be no issues...but marine grade plywood seems a lot more stable than red and white cedar.

Any help would greatly be appreciative.

Submitted by Sloughcanoe on Fri, 07/29/2011 - 5:20am

lotsa this stuff going on on the West Coast of Canada... lotsa cedar trees and lotsa guys trying projects like this...

Darryl Spencer: email: in BC. He built a number of cedar strip OC-1s in the 90's and spent lotsa time working on them.

Steve Wilgoose only built one, but it was a beauty! he also may have some insight

Vancouver's Kelvin Humenny has built an 18' hollow cedar strip SUP

hope that helps,

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Bill Rosehill. Cedar and poplar. OC6 ... 197 lbs. He has posted a number of times here.

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This thread

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you could try a primer, they have some. Cedar has a natural water repellent that repels the epoxy and polyester. or try an under coat or two for sealant. good luck
any pic's to share

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Mulus, as i know you have built a number of cedar strip racing canoes....have you had issues with it bubbling after a while? I have access to lots of Port Orford Cedar...but it's got heaps more oil in it than red I'm a bit worried.

I think I remember Bill Rosehill saying he glassed the inside of his canoe as opposed to the outside...but did he mention any issues with bubbling...or was the canoe more popular than cedar?

#5 Fri, 07/29/2011 - 9:06pm

Epoxy is the way to go. I like Cold Cure that grabs and is a great product and a little more expensive. To make double sure they do make a sealer called S1 sealer.
Professionals would advise against using polyester but I have use it. you can buy un waxed that will not fully harden in between coats and you can put 2 coats of resin let them cure then glass. but expect spots.

#6 Sat, 07/30/2011 - 6:47am

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