Got Scorpius XS?


Submitted by followdabump on Fri, 04/08/2011 - 12:02am

Useless without pictures!!!

#1 Fri, 04/08/2011 - 7:11am

For myself, I really don't care how a boat looks or what color it may be. For a long-term relationship to develop I think it is important that the boat makes you a better paddler or makes you think you are one. But, I will try to get a picture out if my daugther can help me.

#2 Fri, 04/08/2011 - 9:20pm

I don't care about that stuff either. Pictures would be cool for the reason that l don't live in Hawaii so pictures and reviews on here are the only way to see and learn about a new model, demo opportunities are very limited. Just curious, thinking about a Pegasus for my wife but might wait if the XS may be better for her.

#3 Fri, 04/08/2011 - 2:03pm

pics pics pics!

#4 Fri, 04/08/2011 - 6:14pm

Here is a photo of the Scorpius XS! If you can open it! : )

#5 Fri, 04/08/2011 - 6:38pm

Scorpius XS

#6 Fri, 04/08/2011 - 6:36pm

Semdoug- I would jus go ahead and get the scorpius xs, that boat is bad ass, I would easily go with the xs over a pegasus. The xs is an overall good boat for all conditions, it can glide in the flat like a pueo but I think can surf better especially in big surf. Not even pitures do justice, but xs is probably the best boat to get out there right now especially if its for your wife, my wife is telling me to sell the pegasus and get an xs jus can't afford it but if I had the money I would get 2 xs one for her one for me.

#7 Sat, 04/09/2011 - 6:14am

Nice pics! I am now inspired to get more torso rotation in my stroke!

#8 Sat, 04/09/2011 - 12:21pm

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