Heart rate monitors

Recommendations on heart rate monitors

I always purchase one and then it will either
a.) sink to the bottom of the ocean
b.) get eaten alive by rust
c.) water will get in and it breaks
have probably gone through 4 or so in the past couple years.

Looking for a watch type thing that is water resistant, has no metal outlets where water can get in. (just having a rubber cover doesn't cut it).

is easy to program and input workouts on the spot ( not a big fan of having to program everything on the computer at home. I would like to be able to quickly input and make a work out right before i get on the water directly from my watch)

has a heart rate monitor built into the watch strap (don't know if this exists but if there is a watch where I can avoid having to wear the bra strap I would probably buy it over the others)

is anyone using anything that fits into these criteria that isnt $400+?


Submitted by aepling2008 on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 3:29pm

I know most strapless heart rate monitor require you to touch the watch itself, which could be a problem, and I'm assuming you don't want to stop paddling every 30secs to check your heart rate (although, I wouldn't mind if you are racing me of course). I would mention the Garmin 305, but you might have already owned that one and didn't like it. I like everything about the Garmin, because of the workouts you can create on the spot. No need computer. You can always get a car-charger and charge your watch in your car, for you always have it with you. Only problem I have is it's so bulky so I usually tape it in-between the foot-wells just so I can visibly see it and it's in reach. I used to have it mounted to the front iako but that was get tiring. You usually can purchase it for like 100 bucks on Amazon with free shipping. That's pretty reasonable.

#1 Sun, 12/11/2011 - 10:55pm

I bought one of those HR Monitor watches that you have to touch with two fingers to activate it for a reading. On the instructions it mentioned to turn off the HR function before using it while swimming as the water closes the connection and activates it. One time I forgot I was wearing it and went for a paddle and the thing kept activating whenever water splashed over it.

Most products have online PDF manuals that you can download/view so you may want to search for and read through some of the HR watches that don't have a chest strap to see if it can be used in water or has a warning about not using in water.

#2 Sun, 12/11/2011 - 11:36pm

Friend of mine has the 305, if I remember correctly it had a heart rate monitor strap that went around your chest? I think that was wireless. So it theoretically should work if you want the watch mounted on the kanu, and just wore the chest strap.

#3 Mon, 12/12/2011 - 7:17am

305 works but eventually leaks, for $100 you can't beat it. i found that if i put tape over the speaker openning on the back it lasts longer. also rinsing it after each use helped the contacts to not corrode. the range on the strap is pretty surprising. i've actually put the chest strap on a paddler i'm coaching and monitored HR from a different boat. pretty cool.

#4 Mon, 12/12/2011 - 8:09am

Polar or Garmin

#5 Mon, 12/12/2011 - 8:34pm

I will sell you my garmin forerunner 310xt which I have hardley used at all.

Look it up and let me know if your into it, and maybe we can make a deal.

#6 Wed, 12/14/2011 - 8:34am

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