Huki V2-X

I had the pleasure of racing a short river race this past Saturday on a new Huki V2-X. So I thought I'd share my experience with the canoe. Don't know why really. I don't have a stake in Huki.

Anyway, my partner and I had never paddled together, let alone raced together. But, I have to say that the V2-X was a dream to paddle on flat water. We were racing other types of racing canoes and kayaks and we more than held our own. We set the ama in its neutral position and we never felt out of balance or felt as if we were going to huli. I feel as if the boat reponded well to applied power as well as a great glide between. We raced against the current for the first half of the race and I never felt as if we were fighting the water. Upon the turn around, we faced a 15 MPH headwind and I didn't feel the boat was dragging (just our own bodies). The wind was backing waves against the current, so conditions weren't ideal. But, the conditions didn't seem to adversely affect the canoe.

My butt is a bit sensative to different seats, but during this 10.3-mile race, I never noticed any tingling or soreness. It was a short race, so I don't know if that was the main factor. However, I really felt the canoe was very comfortable and accommodated very tall paddlers and my partner who is about 5'7". We used the short 4" rudder, but the boat turned in a tight radius and was reponsive while we were racing. It came equipped with dual steering, but we disconnected the cables from the front pedels with the quick-relese slots. Very convenient.

My partner and I will be doing more training runs on rivers and eventually racing in this V2-X in the Missouri River 340. So, I'll post any info here if anyone is interested on how the boat performs over a very long race. But, from all indications, this is a sweet ride for the rivers we'll be racing.

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Submitted by Osprey on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 9:35am

Cool man, glad you found yer boat !


#1 Tue, 03/22/2011 - 11:41am

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