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I'm wondering if there's a general consensus on the length of paddle people use to oc1 compared to oc6. I paddle oc6 using a 51 inch paddle. From the small number of people I've talked to, it seems that people go with 1-3 inches shorter when paddling oc1. Does anyone have a rule of thumb? thoughts on the matter?

Submitted by jfriis on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 2:22pm

Majority tend to use a 1 inch shorter paddle for OC1 than what they normally use for OC6. Reason is most OC1's tend to sit lower to the water than on an OC6.

But it all boils down to Individual preference since not everyone really sit or paddle the same in an OC1 or that all OC1's sit the same distance from the water for everyone. So what might work for the majority, might not work for you.

I use to paddle with a 1 inch shorter paddle in the OC1, but now I use the same length paddle as I do in an OC6. Reason for the change was that I had a real low cut seat when I started paddling an OC1. I later started experimenting with my seat height/position and found a height/setting that made my regular OC6 length paddle more comfortable to use and paddling style better. I do know for me that I can easily adjust to a paddle 1 inch shorter or 1 inch longer than what I normally use. Anything longer/shorter than that one inch difference and it would be uncomfortable for me.

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