oc1 stingray

Hey, can anyone offer the specs,or a review on the oc1 stingray ? Thanks, fms

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The OC designing team faced a very difficult task. The goal for the new design, STINGRAY, was to create a canoe that is
very fast in flat conditions and still maintain the surfing ability of our latest designs Mantra and Axis. The solution was in
the round "V" shaped hull with less volume then previous designs but maintaining the significant amount of the front aft
rocker that was successful in the Mantra and Axis. We went through 4 prototypes, starting in April 2001.

The latest hull prototype was approved by our team of paddlers in September and we decided to improve the hull
performance in gliding surfing speeds 12 miles /hour and higher by adding the sharp chines. These sharp edges work like
spoilers for water flow at higher speeds. This resulted in less water drag and faster performance while surfing. One of our
team riders quoted: "I couldn't determine the maximum speed of this boat,, it keeps speeding up once your up on the bump".
At that point we knew our mission was accomplished. We addressed some never before used features like a retractable
leash, tearshape foam stationary seat with the bungee storage and a compartment for the drinking apparatus. A new AMA
was shaped and tested. It rides forward about 5 inches more then our pervious deigns, this allows a more streamline shaped
hull like this, more maneuverability.

Another new feature is the rear iako attachment into the AMA The iako enters the AMA vertically from the inside of the
AMA In case of a heavy load on the AMA the iako is never submerged and doesn't slow the paddler down. We are very
satisfied with the Stingrays performance, its overall look and new features. We hope you like it as well.


Length: 21' feet 6" inches
Width: 15 and 1/2" inches

Available in 4 different epoxy vacuum bagged lay

-Double Graphite

The Stingray comes equipped with the following:

-Stingray logo on bottom.
-Assisted footwell drains
-Custom colors & fabric insert
-Includes one or two color design.
-Aluminum iakos for strength
-Vertical connection with the AMA and easy adjustment
-Retractable leach


-Speedometer Call for Prices
-Composite iakos are optional, Call for Prices

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