Outrigger Connection FUZE for sale $2200

Aloha fellow paddlers. I'm selling my OC FUZE. This is a great boat in great condition. Red on top, white on the bottom. One minor ding on the ama that's been repaired and is hardly even noticeable. I've owned it for 1.5 years, and bought it less than year old from a teammate. Their website says it's ideal for 150lbs - 170lbs, but has worked great for fellow paddlers up to 190. Unfortunately I've exceeded that by a few pounds now... If you've paddled a FUZE before you know how much fun these boats are, especially in the bump. The bigger the better! I live in San Diego by Mission Bay and we can walk it down to paddle around if you want to try it. It's been kept in the garage the whole time. Comes with an extra surf rudder and ama cover.

Call or email me if you're interested. vincepangan@gmail.com 808-381-0341 Vince


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