chinese oc1 stingray

Hi, can anyone here offer some words of wisdom regarding a 2006 Outrigger Connection / Current Design OC1 Stingray that was built in china ? A local retailer near me has 5 boats that are new (still wrapped in plastic) and they offering them at a ridiculously low price . I have done a full visual inspection on them and they have no damage that i can see. Im thinking of getting one to have as a second boat, but wanted to see if could gather some info first. I have searched all over and cant seem to find any specs or opinions .Any info is very much appreciated !


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STINGRAY. Junior comes back from college in Colorado and wins his 4th Molokai Solo on the new STINGRAY OC1. Stingray was our first design using the chines on the bottom of the canoe. The seat was stationary but lowered again. In order to accommodate the seat and have it as low as possible, the seat well was designed with lower gunwales and the foam seat wrapped around the gunwales. Stingray is an overnight hit; Junior wins the prestigious race in Hamilton, Australia on the Stingray. Because the Stingray isn’t built in Australia yet, Outrigger Connection designs a two piece screw together canoe. After it is flown in, the boat is reassembled on Hamilton Island. Junior then wins the prestigious 16k around the island race.

found this on the web, NOT CHINESE MODEL THOUGH.

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