Kanaka Ikaika Outrigger Zone Race #5 update

Sunday's weather forecast looks like today's: windy with wind swell. We are monitoring the water conditions off Kailua and will make a final determination Sunday morning. I plan to get on the water tomorrow and will update again tomorrow night - Saturday. But as it stands right now, we will have a course inside Kailua Bay that will start between Kalapawai and Flag Pole heading towards Lanikai. It will run to the edge of Lanikai reef near Cabbage patch and back into Kailua Bay near Jump City, then back to the beach park. Long course will do this twice. Believe it or not this course has a lot of adversity and variety. Stand by for a report tomorrow to see if the surf has subsided enough to send the long course outside the reef with the finish at Pinky's. No matter what, registration is at Pinky's and the after party and lunch is at Pinky's.

Submitted by JimFoti on Fri, 02/22/2013 - 3:29pm

Just came in from the water and.... there are bombs on the outside, but...it is doable for the expert paddlers. We will NOT start at Pinky's/Castle point. Registration will be at Pinky's. Both Short and long courses will start at Kailua Beach Park, towards the Kalapawai end of the beach park (Kaneohe side). The Short course will end at Kailua Beach Park (boat ramp side). It will stay inside the reefs of Kailua and Lanikai. No danger on the short course. It will not be extremely long; estimated 4 miles +/-.

Long course: Start same place as short: Kaneohe end of Kailua beach. Paddle to Sandbags, left on Orange buoy to Wraps just to the left of the Mokulua Islands. Then to Bird Shit island and straight in to Pinky's. From Bird to Pinky's is the bomb zone. If you are not a good swimmer or competent in the ocean, do the short course. The run from Bird to Castle Point will be thrilling and not everyone will stay on their boats, guaranteed, as there are rogue bombs. If you have any doubts in your ability, do the short course and/or check with Race Director. Long will end at Pinky's, party will be at Pinky's.

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