Race Around the Hat 2013

The original and best rudderless race is back for 2013. Registration will be up within the next two weeks.

As always we will have the best prizes available at any canoe race on the planet. We are going to have waiver signing, breakfast and number assignments begin at 8 am this year so that racing can get underway earlier.

A couple other exciting new things for this year. There will be new hand made wooden trophies for all individuals who place in their respective divisions. Also a Hawai'i based canoe builder is planning on making an appearance with a brand new rudderless canoe.

We are pleased to announce that we will be providing raffle prizes from Oiwi, Pure Paddles, Kamanu Composites, and Eastside Paddler. More sponsors to follow so stay tuned! Registration and race dues payment will be online by Monday the 22nd of July. Remember that if plan on borrowing a canoe you should register ASAP as you will get the pick of the litter! Entry fees are unchanged from last year.

Go to http://www.hawaiivaa.org/race-around-the-hat.html for details, find us on facebook, or see the RATH calendar link here on OCPaddler.

EDIT: Island Paddler and Kialoa have just confirmed they are sponsoring RATH 2013 too!!

Submitted by HVA on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 1:00pm

Remember, loaned canoes are given out in the order that participants register, so get on the list right away! If at all possible please pay your entry fee online. This makes race day run much smoother and let's us get the racing started sooner! If you have already registered and paid your entry through the old 2012 link we have you registered. Thanks!

If you wish to register as an ADULT click this link.

If you are under 19 and want to register as a JUNIOR click this link.

#1 Fri, 08/02/2013 - 9:37am

First of all thank you very much to the 9 people who have registered for the race thus far!

Secondly we need a bit more of a response to continue hosting the Race Around the Hat. If you plan on racing this year PLEASE register immediately. The last day to register for this year's race is FRIDAY, AUGUST 9th. Due to the logistics of ordering breakfast and lunch, making race jerseys, and securing boats to loan out we need to get solid participation numbers.

If you are planning on entering please fill out your entry form ASAP. In the past we've had anywhere from 70-90 entrants so we assume that people are waiting or taking their time to register. We do not want to postpone the race at the last minute out of courtesy to those athletes that will be traveling from off island or the mainland to race.

So please lets keep this race going...we've already secured some great prizes from all our sponsors and need paddlers to give the stuff away to!

#2 Tue, 08/06/2013 - 9:21am

No forget! Preregister by midnight tonight to make sure you'll get your race jersey. We will be accepting beach entries as we always do but be aware you may not get a jersey if you don't preregister!

#3 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 12:09pm

Oh! Shoots HVA,
Very sorry, no can make it, because some students (jrs.) racing ILH surfski races that same day and time.
Maybe next year, if no conflicts?

#4 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 1:35pm

Yeah Koacanoe-

Every year ILH kayaking is a major conflict. We are moving up registration this year to get things started earlier and always race the juniors first. In the past Kalei has been able to make it for the RATH and then get to town in time to race and/or coach at the ILH kayaking races. It is doable but just not ideal. We are always looking for a better weekend to host the race and we may have actually found one that won't conflict with Distance for adults and Kayaking for the kids. Will make some sort of announcement at this year's race.

#5 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 1:41pm

Minutes after registering my daughter for the RATH... then I saw the OC paddler post by Koacanoe and subsequent HVA post. NOOOOOOOO! My daughter too will be stuck in the same situation. Let's all hope the sewer pipe in the Alawai will not be removed until after the first race date so all ILH paddlers can attend the RATH. Maybe someone can suggest just rescheduling the first ILH race now ahead of time. I do believe there is an alternate date. A selfish thought (I know) but this would solve the dilemma for all deserving students who would like to participate in both. Let's get as many student kayakers to the RATH.

Last year there was another conflict with the same RATH race day and we didn't make it then, but definitely hope to this year. It's good for the kids.

#6 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 1:58pm

Nakana, if you can't make it because of the ILH race shoot us an email. We'll refund your money.

#7 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 7:09pm

Thanks for offer. We will wait and see what happens for now since there seems to be not much certainty with the first ILH race date tentatively 7 Sept. The Alawai pipe is almost gone. Really would like to do RATH.

#8 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 8:04pm

If you're reading this and have never done this event, do yourself a favor and do it.
Sorry I can't make it because of a prior commitment. Second round on a Sunday??? Totally awesome time. Bummed I can't.

#9 Fri, 08/09/2013 - 11:38pm

can we still register?

#10 Tue, 08/13/2013 - 1:05pm

Yes! You can still register up till the day of the event. Just know that if you do it last minute there's a good chance we will not have a shirt for you. We just encourage everyone to get on the list ASAP as boats are loaned in order of registration and race shirts are given out in this manner as well.

#11 Tue, 08/13/2013 - 1:24pm

If you need help transporting the v1's from the shop, I am willing to help out.

#12 Sun, 08/18/2013 - 4:17pm

How can we submit waivers for Juniors ahead of time if my friend is taking my daughter to the RATH race?

#13 Tue, 08/20/2013 - 12:35pm

Mahalo to all the paddlers that made it to Kualoa today. The competition and the and sportsmanship were great to see. Results for the 5th edition of the RATH will be posted as soon as Keizo, our statistician and random number generator, has decompressed with a glass of sparkling wine.

A massive thank you to all the sponsors of Race Around the Hat 2013! As always our prize massacre was insane. I got caught up in the chaos and almost lost my lunch! Kialoa donated two paddles which we were able to give away to two very lucky and extremely stoked paddlers under the age of 18. Pure Paddles provided three paddles to give away and they went like wildfire. Maui Kjeldsen of Kia Kaha gave us two beautiful paddles as well. Everyone was excited about the new blade shape he is producing. Ron from Island Paddler supplied us with a load of paddle covers, bags, hats and shirts that everyone gobbled up. Ocean Paddler TV was on hand to film everything and will be broadcasting the RATH in future episodes. Thanks to Oiwi for providing our Top Three jerseys as well as some badly needed shade from the mid day sun. Kamanu Composites supplied manpower, prizes, and loaned canoes out. Also Keahiakahoe Canoe Club provided our PA system, music, tables, and tents...thank you guys!

Some other news worth posting here on the forum. As of 2014 the Race Around the Hat will no longer take place in September. The event has grown and generated enough interest that we have decided to move RATH so it is in alignment with the V1 racing calendar used throughout the pacific. The next Race Around the Hat is scheduled for Sunday July 6th, 2014. Traditionally the July 4th weekend is an open weekend on the paddling calendar since the Mcfarlane regatta takes place on July 4th itself. This date avoids conflicts with long distance season and the high school athletic calendar altogether. Additionally this new date will allow us to qualify paddlers to race in the Aito races of Tahiti, generally considered the long distance world championships of V1 paddling. For 2014 the HVA will send a minimum of three paddlers from Hawaii to compete in either the Te Aito or Super Aito.

Selection criteria will be as follows.

1) you must live in the United States
2) you must be the fastest paddler in your division in the Race Around the Hat

Hope to see you all next year!

EDIT: I forgot to give thanks to Manny. He takes care of all our permitting and supports us every step with PA'A. Not to mention he came down after distance practice and placed!

#14 Sun, 09/08/2013 - 1:12pm

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