Spring Break Clinic??

Hello, would anybody know of a warm enough location where we can have family of 5 paddlers (2 adults, 4 strong paddlers, 1 novice) spend Spring Break (last week of March) taking a good Outrigger Canoe and/or surf ski paddling clinic or program tailored to us? Appreciate any recommendation and leads. Thank you in advance.



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Milan, consider checking out





Open Ocean Outriggers
Vancouver, BC

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"Find a need and then fill it," was the popular quote I always heard growing up. So hey? Here's a chance to maybe start up outrigger tourism in Hawaii? As a fund raiser for clubs with available canoes and coaches? I do remember a Kailua surfski manufacturer and retailer that use to package surfski rentals and coaching, coupled with accommodations at a beach house at Kalama Beach or Lanikai a few years back. This may be an interesting venture for canoe clubs along the Ala Wai that are adjacent to thousands of Waikiki hotel rooms. A lot of mainland and foreign high school and collegiate athletic teams (swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.) are doing this now using public facilities or renting private facilities: They stay in hotels and are bussed or van transported to the facilities.

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Thank you very much for your responses, here and on the phone. I absolutely agree - why not to offer coaching with the available canoes. Why not to have active vacation with the family or team? In my case we usually go skiing over Spring Break and this year two of us cannot ski/snowboard, so we had an idea to improve our paddling (canoe, kayak, surfski) skills instead. We like racing and there is always space for improvement. The only issue is that it is not cheap to fly to Hawaii a family of 5 or 6 especially over holidays or spring breaks.


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