double hull outrigger canoe trip NJ-NYC 6/15-6/20

NJ-NYC 5 day paddle trip 2014
We have an exciting double hull outrigger canoe trip planned from mid NJ to NYC
( landing at the starting line of the world famous New York Outrigger Liberty challenge.)
We plan to leave NJ on June 15 and arrive in NYC on June 20. This is an unescorted adventure paddle where we will find a new place to sleep each day and use the beach as our dinning table. We will be paddling and sailing a double hull
canoe (2 OC4s lashed together.) Looking for eager crew who like to sleep under the stars and have fun.
NEEDS: a paddle and a smile.
Please send me a email to find out details.


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Submitted by jeremyNY on Sun, 03/23/2014 - 4:14pm

jeremyNY, what's your email?

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