need help to learn what kind OC1 this is?

I have a OC1 but have no idea what it is - I know it was custom made by SIC, they usually build SUP's. I got it to get started with OC1 paddling and to amend my 6 man practice. It is great to practice and use for rec paddling and it is super easy to put together, nothing for racing though..... now I got beyond the "playing around" and want to sell it but have no clue what a realistic / fair price is???? I 'll attach a picture - any advise appreciated.

well at least I try a picture.... not sure it works....

Submitted by lohrm1 on Tue, 08/12/2014 - 6:54pm

Sic produced an oc1 maybe 2009. Original price just under 3k
Google SIC Eclipse oc1

In oc paddler search there are previous threads on the eclipse

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