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Aloha, OC 'Ohana. I've been paddling for a while, and am about to purchase my first OC1. I have raced a Hurricane and Huki, and have preferred the Hurricane. Does anyone have recommendation on a "all-around" OC1 that would suit a 185-195 lb paddler? I would use this for racing, recreation, flat and open water. I realize that there's a larger predecessor of the Hurricane known as Storm, but that OC1 seems a bit bulky? Any suggestions of other OC1's out there?

Mahalo for reading and any advice is welcome.

Submitted by one4dakine on Tue, 02/11/2014 - 8:55am

I'm 6'0" and 200 lbs and I've been paddling a Storm for about a year now. It's pretty nimble. Definitely not bulky

#1 Tue, 02/11/2014 - 5:37pm

Yah, @one4dakine, check out the last forum thread about the Storm. Kileki does a sweet job of telling how killer that canoe is.

#2 Tue, 02/11/2014 - 7:13pm

Check out the Scorpius XS. One very experienced friend who paddled a Storm, after trying my XS, put the Storm up for sale and bought an XS. He liked the Storm, but preferred the lower CG and lower profile of the XS (easier to handle in a cross-wind), as well as the way it handled and surfed. He and I are both in the 190 - 200 lb range (I bought it so my much lighter wife and I could have a boat we could both paddle). He picked up an XM at the same time, but found he liked the XS better. Now he is on the Atlantic coast, so you may need something different for Pacific waves. I've only had it out once myself, since I'm inland and further north and all our water is frozen (this friend picked it up from the FL dealer for me and in return I let him play with it some), but I did find it very comfortable, quite manueverable, and it felt like it had very low resistance. It was a blast to paddle, and very light.

#3 Thu, 02/13/2014 - 2:31pm

Where do you paddle? Talk to the guys who paddle in that water. Try their canoes and buy what works best for yu. Do not buy until you test drive the canoe.

#4 Fri, 02/14/2014 - 8:54am

His profile says California. I can personally attest that both a Pueo and XM works really well down in SoCal as I was able to get good time in on both of those canoes. I had an Aukahi for 2 years as well and loved paddling it down there if you want to go the rudderless route.

#5 Fri, 02/14/2014 - 10:51am

I have the Ehukai--love it! It's fast. Lots of people here in California selling their canoes to get on one. Try it out.

#6 Fri, 02/14/2014 - 5:06pm

I am right there in your weight range and have been paddling an extended footwell xm. Fits my 6'2" frame well, it's fast, light and does well in my california waters. Can't recommend it enough, but it is important to try out different canoes to find the right one. It took me 3 years and two other canoes until I ordered my xm and now I am content and happy. It's loaded on my truck right now for a cold Ventura morning paddle.

#7 Fri, 02/14/2014 - 6:07pm

I am around 185, for me XS or Ehukai all day.

#8 Sat, 02/15/2014 - 9:26am

XS gets my vote

#9 Mon, 02/17/2014 - 5:08pm

Why are some recommending the XS and others the XM for this paddler who is 185-195? (I'm same weight and trying to learn.)

#10 Mon, 02/17/2014 - 7:41pm

Many prefer a certain canoe which is why the buyer has to try a few out to see what works for them. Certain people at the 185- 195 lb range feel great on a smaller canoe. If you are new, almost any canoe is a great learning boat. Once you get your technique down and compete against some other paddlers you'll get a feel for what works. For people who have been paddling a while, they have owned a variety of canoes, and currently on one they prefer for now.

#11 Mon, 02/17/2014 - 9:50pm

Why are some recommending the XS and others the XM for this paddler who is 185-195? (I'm same weight and trying to learn.)

10 Mon, 02/17/2014 - 7:41pm

I'm not sure since I'm not one of them. But my guess is it is the boat they love for the conditions they paddle in. I would think the XM would be a great surfing canoe for someone that size , but might be hard to push upwind with the extra volume out of the water. It might be easier for the same paddler to push the XS upwind or in flats , but harder to catch the bumps. I also could be TOTALLY wrong on this , it's just my guess.

(standard internet disclaimer: We are not all experts, some of us only think we are. Take our opinion as just that, and seek other's views in hopes we eventually come up with the correct answer)

#12 Wed, 02/19/2014 - 8:00pm

if you're getting one canoe for all conditions then you can't go wrong with a Scorpius Series canoe or a Pueo. they are great all a rounders. i personally have heard glowing reviews from exactly two people about the Storm. one is kileki on this thread. the other is the informational paragraph on the web site that sells the Storm. still waiting to hear a positive review from more than one paddler who's actually used it. that said it's frikken light as hell and comparatively cheap? so if that floats your boat, go for it. i've never heard of anyone selling a Scorpius or Pueo to get a Storm. that seems proof enough for me. i've personally talked to a couple very fast paddlers (top 15 molo solo) who have tried the Storm and have sworn they would never touch it again. so being totally impartial and coming from a guy who only trains on rudderless boats this is the unfiltered and unbiased input/feedback i've heard. as for the difference between the XS and XM it seems a matter of preference. as mentioned above, guys that are the same size use different canoes.

#13 Thu, 02/20/2014 - 2:09pm

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