love em or leave em?
now that July is here, curious of the collective appetite for these races.

Submitted by Salty Dog on Tue, 07/01/2014 - 2:26pm

This is coming from a paddler that has only participated in sprints in California and the Pacific Northwest:

California: Events are terribly unorganized, with the exception of the Kahakai 9-man sprints, (which I don't even know if they still hold that event) these sprint races seemed to really get drawn out for entirely way too long over the course of a day. The period of time in which they were held was awesome though, because it came off the completion of the Ironman racing events and allowed for some rehab and technique work before diving into 9-man races.

PNW: The sprints up here are organized pretty well with decent lake locations to hold the regattas. The only downside to the events up here is that the sprint season is thrown in between various Ironman races which makes it tough to train for. Up here, there's no real organization to the race schedule like there is in CA, and I feel that there is more opportunity for success (in sprints) if the PNWORCA race organizers figure out how to appropriately break up the different types of racing (Regattas, then Ironman, then 9-man).

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Mahalo for the compliment on the 9-Man Sprints. You should put a crew together and come to Long Beach on July 19th. In addition to the OC-1, 2 & 6 races there will be a cardboard box boat race for the keikis and new this year, we will be having a King / Queen of the Beach contest consisting of several paddling related events such as:

Bail Out
4-Man Slalom
Sniper Stick
Huli's Drill
Portagee Horse-Shoes / Water Bottle Skee-Ball

Remember, there is a boat pool so all you have to do is show up and paddle.

We hope you can make it,

Kahakai OCC

Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IC8WcUAD77Q

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There isn't really a "California." There is:

SCORA: Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (http://www.socaloutrigger.org)
NCOCA: Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association (http://ncoca.com)

Different rules, different organizations.

NCOCA actually has a very well organized regatta season, having races in a variety of locations.

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Would prefer to bypass the regatta sprint races and just do 8-10 mile irons right up until long distance season with the exception of the surf races in Waikiki, Regatta practice and participation is part of the process though and the season is used to transition into long distance season....hard to break into a long distance crew that has gone through all the regattas together....often times as far as clubs go....those crews will form the core of any 9 or 12 man crew roster. I know a lot of people really enjoy the regattas, the feeling of ohana, getting together with other clubs in competition and it usually is clear that the best regatta crews go on to also do best in their respective division during the distance change races, . . I just prefer working hard and spending my day doing a race that lasts for an hour versus 4 minutes.....plus it just feels better out in moana nui.

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Fast sprint crew often turns out to be a fast marathon crew.
Those who's name cannot be said ( starts with T & causes all sorts of whoop ass on this site ) are a good example of this.
Worls sprints.

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