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I've posted up before about the left 'sleepy leg' and had plenty of good feedback. Now in my sophomore year of OC1 paddling, I'm noticing issues with this aging bod. Mainly, I have super tight hamstrings, hip flexors seem 'pinched' (have an XM with a huki seat which is nice), and found tightness in my thoracic area.

I'm working with a trainer regarding body mechanics and working opposite muscle groups, specific rotational stretches.

I'm just curious, learning more from this trainer about what muscle groups are being used in OC paddling and what groups are neglecting and causing imbalance. Also curious what others feel when paddling, any corrections, etc. I see a lot of info on paddling technique, but not a whole lot on how our bodies are working.


Submitted by bsmart on Sat, 04/30/2016 - 2:10pm


Perhaps due to its location, the most neglected and overlooked largest muscle group is the okole. A weak okole is probably the cause of your ailments, and strengthening it is the key to alleviating your suffering. So have your trainer zero in on your glutes with effective exercises, especially the gluteus medius for maintaining balance, and all the rest of your muscle groups will be happy.

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The answer to your question could be a book in itself. Core strengthening is key. A foam roller for your IT bands will help with your lower back and hamstrings. I recently have been using an inversion table and now I have no issues with tightness between the shoulder blades and neck after paddling.

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Thank you both! I've been rolling for the past 2.5 years and religiously for the past 6 months, along with a stretching routine and strengthening 'opposite' muscles. Yes, jpi92109, a full book itself is what I'm curious about.

Koacanoe - I'll talk to her tomorrow as I start a training program with two other guys!


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