OHCRA approved paddles.

Heard today that the use of Viper paddles will create fines and disqualifications for crews using them in OHCRA races. What? Bamboo hollow shafts...carbon blades vesus wood shafts and a sliver of balsa covered with carbon.
Is there really a difference.? If the powers that be want to be on point...traditional....then use pure wood blades...no carbon fa├žade, no Kevlar covering...otherwise the difference is so manini it does not make sense. Koa canoes getting hit by pure wood versus hardened polymers would appreciate it. Otherwise..why.?...you going to tell EDT and OPT to use other paddles or does this just apply to OHCRA regattas? No matter...lolo.

Submitted by poidog on Sun, 04/24/2016 - 6:49pm

If true, another example of a has been organization living in the past as the rest of the world paddles past us.

#1 Mon, 04/25/2016 - 6:23am

Aloha, I don't think it's only viper paddles that will be deemed illegal. Many of the popular paddles on today's market would be considered illegal and will fall under the new by-law change.

I've been on the watch on this topic because this affects our club. I paddle for Healani Canoe club and our club are users of Viper Paddles. We made the switch to Viper as it was easier for us to receive. We were under the assumption that these paddles were legal because it was on the HCRA website of conforming paddles, on the OHCRA by-laws it's just a copy and paste by-law from the HCRA by-laws. I am all for following the rules, hence why we made the purchases. If we knew they were to be banned, of course we wouldn't have made the purchases. To me It'll be un-fair for OHCRA paddlers for they will not be able to use these paddles during an OHCRA race. But what happens during HCRA states, are we now allowed to use these illegal paddles? If so, us OHCRA guys will have such a huge advantage now that we get to use illegal blades(sarcasm)
What about our outer island, mainland, international friends who fly down to race in Dukes, Ayau, and Hoe, are we going to deny them to race?

I understand the care and respect for Koa canoes, I wrote a post of Kuleana towards a Koa canoe. http://www.ocpaddler.com/forum/2014/respecting_waa
If clubs respect their koa, they will enforce the use of all wooden blades, or tape the edges of their carbon blades during regatta season or anytime a koa canoe is used. This season at Healani we purchased a set of wooden paddles strictly for regattas to protect our koa canoes.

During pre-season and distance season we are racing in non-traditional Hawaiian canoes, during the time most us will be racing in fiberglass canoes. I see no problem with any type of outrigger canoe paddle; carbon blades, hollow shafts, wacky paddles, or anything in that matter. If your crew wants to race with that type of paddle then by all means go for it. My opinion is that paddles do not make you any faster, I've owned a Makana ali'i and a pueo, but have never won a oc1 race but it makes me feel good to have the latest model in my belongings. In the past 2 years, I've raced in a Bradley lightning with a viper blade (same model as EDT), but have never won the channel but it made the crew feel good to have all the same type of paddles. So it's definitely not equipment....it's the paddler and the crew.

If we are looking to ever move forward then our biggest issue is not the paddles, it's our limitations on purchasing canoes. And I'm guessing because there is so much building limitations that builder's don't want to mess with it. I'm fine with keeping the 400lb limit, but I wish we had more options on canoes. We spend more time advancing our ama's and providing different types of ama's than we do our canoes. Something is wrong with this picture. 2 types of cars, 15 types of tires.

Anyways! May 7th - Sand Island, come down for Healani pre-season race: Ka Lei O Ka Lanakila. Live entertainment, ono food!
Gohealanigo.org ALOHA AND MALAMA!

#2 Mon, 04/25/2016 - 3:07pm

As far as Viper paddles....the FSN (hybrid) and the NTR (all bamboo) paddles are listed as Shurlock said on the OHCRA website as "conforming paddles". I guess that is good enough. Do not know why people who I otherwise respect keep picking up my viper and telling me..."you know ...this is illegal". Sorry if I shared my confusion.

#3 Mon, 05/09/2016 - 9:37am

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